The Ispikit BirdI am co-founder of Ispikit, which is computer software and a website that can perform automatic speech recognition (of English) as well as evaluation of non-native (or native) accents. The main idea: a user pronounces an English sentence, the program records and analyses it, and then assigns a score: 100 for native-like, and increasingly lower scores for increasingly less native-like pronunciations. Curently at version 2.0, the software gives feedback where learners have made mistakes, missed words or where their speech rate is too quick or too slow. It's a great tool to practise your spoken English, and teachers of English can use it to design their own pronunciation exercises! We cooperate with a number of language schools which use Ispikit on their websites. There is also a mobile version which lets you run the same program on your mobile phone (Android): when completing a level you get an Ispikit certificate which can be shared on social media. A version in Chinese, 我说你听 ("I speak, you listen"), is also available as an Android app (links are here ( or here (hi.apk)).

Give Ispikit a try: it is addictive and fun!

Comments on Ispikit, which is still under development, are always welcome. Let me know or send email to the general Ispikit info address.