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I was born and raised in Nijmegen, a small town in the east of the Netherlands. After a year in the United States, I studied English at Nijmegen University (and also spent a joyful year in London, England at University College London). I worked at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics for a year and then moved to a PhD position at Leiden University, where I taught linguistics and English for over ten years. Currently, I teach at Shanghai International Studies University. This website lists my research and teaching interests. I also report on a number of special research projects (see Research).

My primary research is in phonology, the study of the patterning of sounds. This is closely related to phonetics, the study of the physical realisation of sounds. Both disciplines go hand in hand, and are related to an important third discipline, psycholinguistics - the study of how language is stored and processed in the brain. It is my aim to combine recent, successful theories in phonology with discoveries in psycholinguistics.

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